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Consignor Tips of the Trade

I have received many inquiries over the past few years from people regarding how to become a consignor and what to do after you are registered as a consignor.  Our website has alot of information regarding our sale but not a detailed how to guide with what do I do next information.  I have developed the PA Kids Market Consignor's Tips of the Trade to address these questions.  It is written in a question and answer format and available at the link below.  I hope that it helps you navigate all of the possiblities and responsibilities of a PA Kids Market Consignor. Click here to open document

April 2014 Sale Registrations

Registration for consignors, workers and 1st time moms/grandmas for the Spring/Summer Sale on April 25-26, 2014 is now CLOSED.   It will open on Monday, January 6, 2014 at 6PM.



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