What's New


Volunteer Workers will shop from 6:00 - 9:00

Consignors will shop from 6:30 - 9:00

1st Time Moms and Grandmas will shop from 7:00 - 9:00




PA Kids Market is now located at:

Church Without Walls

104 Roberts Valley Road

Harrisburg, PA 17110


The Thursday Pre-Sale Floor Worker positions is a very popular work slot.  Saturday work shifts are hard to fill.  Beginning with 2016 sales, Thursday night Pre-Sale Floor Workers will also have to volunteer for at least one 2-hour shift on Saturday.  This 2-hour shift will not count as a shift when calculating waivers for the consignor fee or a higher percentage of the sale.


During 2016 PA Kids Market sales will no longer be accepting for sale:

1.   any multi-layer bedding which includes comforter sets, crib bumpers,etc.  We will except receiving blankets or single layer blankets.

2.  stuffed animals other than ones that are battery operated

3.   any food items or lotions/shampoos, etc. that aren't in clear bottles.

4.  boppies or pillows.  We will accept covers for them but not the boppy or pillow itself.

5.  maternity clothing


The consignor fee will remain at $12 per consignor and will  be deducted from your sale check. 


Consignors will no longer be required to  bring a signed consignor agreement to drop off.  Copies of the agreement will be available at the check in desk during drop off.


Merchandise tags will only be accepted if printed on white card stock paper and attached with safety pins or tape. 


The Consignor Inventory System will be shutting down the Thursday before sale week (April 14, 2016 at noon)


Consignor Tips of the Trade

The PA Kids Market Consignor Tips of the Trade was updated on March 1, 2015 with some additional information.  The document addresses how to become a consignor and what to do after you are registered as a consignor.  Our website has alot of information regarding our sale but not a detailed how to guide with what do we do next information.  The PA Kids Market Consignor's Tips of the Trade was developed to address the questions that we have received over the past few years.  It is written in a question and answer format and available at the link below.  We hope that it helps you navigate all of the possiblities and responsibilities of a PA Kids Market Consignor. Click here to open document


  If you want to contact us via email the address is: