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Volunteers are what makes Pa Kids Market  such a success!  Without our great volunteers, we would not be albe to coordinate such an exciting event!  Thank you for taking the time to consider helping us with our sale!  Pa Kids Market offers several volunteer opportunities.


Volunteers are asked to provide Pa Kids Market  with at least 4 hours of their time.  As a volunteer you would be assisting us in the following areas:


help set up racks/tables, check-in items, organize & help customers during the sale, check out customers, cashiers and other responsibilities as needed.



Volunteers that work as floor workers on Thursday evening during the Pre-Sale will also be required to work a 2 hour or more shift on the Saturday of the sale.  This is new with the 2016 sale season.


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Strenuous Set-up - unloading the truck, setting up racks, tables, and signs. This job occurs on Tuesday evening and is ideal for Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Big Brothers.

Non-Strenuous Set-Up - This job occurs on Wednesday morning and involves helping with putting size signs up, putting out signs for runners to know where to put merchandise during check-in and putting up directional signs around the sales floor.

Checkers - This job occurs on Wednesday afternoon and evening and Thursday morning.  Volunteers will be receiving merchandise from the consignors and  inspecting all consigned items and determine if they meet Pa Kids Market standards. Checkers will be required to attend a short training session, usually the weekend before the sale.  Once items have been checked the volunteer runners will put them on the sales floor in the appropriate place.

Runners - This job occurs on Wednesday afternoon and evening and Thursday morning.  Volunteers will be taking checked merchandise from the check-in stations and putting them on the sales floor in the appropriate place based on a set floor layout. 

Runners/Sale Preparation - This job occurs on Thursday morning/afternoon. Volunteers are needed to make any final adjustments to the sales floor prior to the opening of the sale. (set up check-out area, double check clothing for correct sizing/rack placement, and make sure all items are in their correct location on the sales floor).


Sprayers & Taggers - This job occurs on Thursday morning/afternoon after all merchandise has been checked in.  Volunteers are needed to spray and tag items that are subject to the PA Bedding and Upholstery Act prior to the opening of the sale.


Cashier - This job occurs once the sale has been opened - Thursday evening, all day Friday and Saturday.  Volunteers are needed to be cashiers during Pre-Sale and Public Sale hours.  Cashiers will operate computer check-out stations, charge card machines and be able to make change.  Cashiers will be required to attend a short training session, usually the weekend before the sale.  Cashier time slots will appear on the volunteer worker sign-up sheets in a separate category. 


Floor Workers- This job occurs once the sale has opened - Thursday evening, all day Friday and Saturday.  Volunteers will assist shoppers, monitor the sales floor for items out of place and any other problems.

Floor Worker/Sorting - This job occurs Saturday afternoon.  Sorters gather unsold merchandise from the racks and tables, sort by consignor number and prepare each individual consignors unsold merchandise for pick-up.

Floor Worker/Pick-Up - This job occurs Saturday afternoon.  Volunteers help consignors find their merchandise at the close of the sale. Volunteers monitor the sales floor to insure no merchandise is picked up mistakenly, and may assist consignors in the removal of their unsold items.


Strenuous Tear Down - This job occurs Saturday afternoon.  Volunteers help to tear down racks, tables, signs, pack storage tubs, and load all items into the trailer. This job is ideal for dads, grandfathers, uncles, and big brothers that want to be involved. 


Volunteer Policy


Pa Kids Market requires that workers fulfill their pledged obligation to work their assigned 4-hour shift/shifts.  If a registered consignor drops out as a volunteer/worker anytime after Friday of the week before the sale (5 days prior to the first day of the sale defined as the first day of drop offs) or does not fulfill their obligation or find a suitable replacement on their behalf to work in their time slot, Pa Kids Market will deduct an additional 25% of the worker's earnings from their consignor's check.  In addition, the worker will not be allowed to participate as a volunteer again at any future Pa Kids Market sale.


These guidelines are in place to maintain a high quality sale. Workers must be on time and work their entire shift in order to obtain the benefits and not break the Worker Agreement. There will be a sign in sheet at every sale for Workers to sign in for each of their scheduled shifts.  It is the volunteer worker's responsibility to sign in and out for each shift.  If the worker does not sign in at the book, they will NOT be given credit for working and subject to the 25% consignor penalty if they consign.  PA Kids Market is not responsible for contacting workers that do not sign in to see if they were there or not.


Don't forget that husbands can sign up to help too.  We have several volunteer opportunities for MEN.  Duties may include the set up and take down of racks/tables, or moving furniture.


Volunteer Benefits


Volunteer workers get to shop at the Pre-Sale before the consignors, 1st time moms and grandmas and before the public sale.Volunteer workers that work a shift prior to the opening of the sale will receive their  PRESALE PASS at the end of their shift. Consignors that volunteer to work will receive their PRESALE WORKER PASS when they drop off their merchandise. (The presale pass gives you the opportunity to shop the sale before anyone else. Each worker receives only one pass regardless of the number of shifts worked.)

  • Volunteer to work during the Pre-Sale and you will get to shop from 4:30-6:25 (starting time varies by job worked during pre-sale)before the other volunteer workers, consignors and 1st time moms/ grandmas shop.  Pre-Sale floor workers will also be required to work at least one 2-hour shift on Saturday.  The 2-hour shift will not count as an additional shift for determining waivers of consignor fees or sale percentages.
  • Volunteer to work FIVE (5) or more 4-hour shifts during sale week and get to shop from 5:00 - 9:00 at the Pre-Sale.
  • Volunteer for THREE SHIFTS, waive your consignor fee, earn 75% of your sales,
  • Volunteer for FIVE SHIFTS, waive your consignor fee, earn 80% of your sales.

Not only do you get the great benefits of volunteering, but you can meet some great people along the way! 



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Volunteer Schedule/Shifts

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