First-Time Moms/First-Time Grandmas Preview Sale

Registration for the April 2016 Sale is OPEN.  

Pa Kids Market would like to invite "First Time Moms and First Time Grandmas" to join us for a special Preview Sale on the Thursday night of each sale event from 7:00pm- 9:00 pm.

The cost of having a child is expensive. Pa Kids Market is happy to offer this program so new families can have an opportunity to purchase quality baby products at great prices! Our "First-Time Moms/First-Time Grandmas " Program counts on everyone's honesty!  Please follow the guidelines.

To attend our First-Time Moms/First-Time Grandmas Pre-sale you must either be......

The number of "First-Time Moms/First-Time Grandmas" eligible to attend the Pre-Sale is limited so register early.  You can register by clicking on the link and completing the form.  You must enter a valid email address (type carefully). You will receive a numbered e-mail pass confirming your registration. Please print the pass and bring it with you to the pre-sale. It is REQUIRED for entry. One guest may accompany you to assist with shopping.  Children of any age are not permitted to attend the pre-sale, this includes small infants.  Please do not sign up for more than 1 pass.  Your pass gets you and your guest in. 


First Time Moms/First Time Grandmas are eligible to attend one Spring/Summer sale and one Fall/Winter however it must be the next sale.  For example, if you first qualified/attended the Spring/Summer in April 2015 then you can also attend the Fall/Winter sale in September 2015 as a First Time Mom/First Time Grandma.  If you attend the Fall/Winter 2015 as your first sale as a First Time Mom/First Time Grandma, then you may also attend the Spring/Summer 2016 sale in April 2016 as a First Time Mom/First Time Grandma.