First-Time Moms/First-Time Grandmas Preview Sale

Registration for the April 2016 Sale will OPEN in January.  

Pa Kids Market would like to invite "First Time Moms and First Time Grandmas" to join us for a special Preview Sale on the Thursday night of each sale event from 7:30pm- 9:00 pm.

The cost of having a child is expensive. Pa Kids Market is happy to offer this program so new families can have an opportunity to purchase quality baby products at great prices! Our "First-Time Moms/First-Time Grandmas " Program counts on everyone's honesty!  Please follow the guidelines.

To attend our First-Time Moms/First-Time Grandmas Pre-sale you must either be......

The number of "First-Time Moms/First-Time Grandmas" eligible to attend the Pre-Sale is limited so register early.  You can register by clicking on the link and completing the form.  You must enter a valid email address (type carefully). You will receive a numbered e-mail pass confirming your registration. Please print the pass and bring it with you to the pre-sale. It is REQUIRED for entry. One guest may accompany you to assist with shopping.  Children of any age are not permitted to attend the pre-sale, this includes small infants.  Please do not sign up for more than 1 pass.  Your pass gets you and your guest in. 


First Time Moms/First Time Grandmas are eligible to attend one Spring/Summer sale and one Fall/Winter however it must be the next sale.  For example, if you first qualified/attended the Spring/Summer in April 2015 then you can also attend the Fall/Winter sale in September 2015 as a First Time Mom/First Time Grandma.  If you attend the Fall/Winter 2015 as your first sale as a First Time Mom/First Time Grandma, then you may also attend the Spring/Summer 2016 sale in April 2016 as a First Time Mom/First Time Grandma.